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Coffee Shop Reviews and Weed Reviews in Amsterdam

Cannabis and coffee shops Amsterdam

I’ve always been a fan of this magical city. The architecture and the canals give the place a very special ambiance, especially around the center where the lights are twinkling above the still waters below. The city is steeped in history and boasts many of the world’s finest museums and buildings.

Amsterdam is also unique in another way, and that is of course the coffee shops. Unlike coffee shops in other countries however, you can buy small amounts of cannabis at these outlets to go with your morning coffee. Tourists should be careful however, because like any other city which attracts millions of tourists each year there are good places and bad. You will find a guide to some of the better coffee shops in and around the red light district here, and I will add more as I visit them.

The Weed review sections is more based on the black market and serves as a kind of encyclopedia of what is available (as I add more content) on European mainland and also the United Kingdom.


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Coffee Shops Amsterdam
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