Nepalese Hashish

Hand rubbed and lovingly collected. Good Nepalese hashish is aromatic in smell, dark brown/blue in colour and quite solid in consistency. It is usually stronger and more balanced than Afghan or Indian hash and is also more sought after. There is no organised market for Nepal and it is always rare. More common in the Netherlands than anywhere else in Western Europe.

Nepalese Hash


Nepal Hash

Nepal Polm

Slightly earthier and redder in appearance, and a lot less smooth on the palate than other types of Nepal. This stuff is worth trying though, it has a more stupefying effect than other kinds of hash from this area and has a lovely aroma.

Nepal Polm







Nepal Dream


Temple Ball

‘Blows the mind, Cools the head’.

A more refined version of Nepalese hash, sometimes more concentrated in strength and flavour. Good Temple Ball is always natural and strong! Considered some of the best hash in the world, if you can find the real article. Often the Temple Ball sold in places like Amsterdam is just superior Nepal and genuine Temple Ball has become very scarce.

Temple Ball Hash








Darker in colour than regular Nepal and often less aromatic, perhaps due to the colder climates where it is produced. Himalaya is some of the strongest black hash available if you can find it.

Himalayan Hash

Super Himalaya

Also known as Black Spice

A stronger version of Himalaya, about as strong a Hash as you can get naturally. Aromatic and powerful, a complex and oily taste. It is hard to judge how much you are smoking as it is very smooth on the palate. Powerful and visual buzz, best used in a pipe or chillum.

Black Spice







A little heat from your fingers will allow the consistency of the hash to become like fudge. This is hashish with a THC content of roughly 30%

Hash Oil THC Nepal Iceolator

Black Spice Hash High THC Content








Black Spice Late 2012

Not quite as strong as the last lot but still an amazingly good piece of hash here.. now €15 a gram. Dark plumes of smoke pour off it and it has depth and taste that are to match.

Black Spice Hashish Nepal

Black Spice Hashish Nepal




7 thoughts on “Nepal

  1. I have lived in the Middle East and have a fair amount of experience with hash. there is nothing better than Nepalese black…period. I don’t mention temple balls by name because it is almost impossible to get and most people don’t have it when they think they do. There are a lot of great Nepasese hashes… strong and so stoney. You don’t need a lot and it lasts a long time. I guess next (after all of the varieties of Nepalese) would be Afgani black. Also very good, concentrated, and only need alittle. Again there are a loot of hash out there that they claim is Afgani, but it really isn’t. If you get a great hash at a good price, don’t be stuck on the name.

    • I have long suspected that the ‘temple ball’ available in a lot of dutch coffee shops is in fact just decent nepal.

      I had some temple ball about 12 years ago and it totally blew me away.. nowadays the temple ball available is comparable to good afghan which backs up what you are saying.

    • Nepalese hash is definitely the best. I have also had Afgani black and can’t really tell the difference. I threw out the all the other hash I had! Can’t find it now that I’m back in the states.

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