Jamaican High Grade

Jamaican High Grade Weed

Also known as Cess, Grade or Sensi.

Some growers in the Carribean prefer to cultivate a stronger variety called High Grade. Quantities become available from time to time from small and well maintained plantations.

Expensive and rare, it is often smuggled in by mules or stuffed inside oil barrels. Little or no seeds present, trichomes can be observed dried onto the leaves. Usually a pleasant Sativa high with a beautiful taste, it is a luxury item being no stronger than a decent batch of indoor grown skunk. The street price as of October 2011 is $20 a gram!








Jamaican Cess

Jamaican High Grade

Jamaican High Grade



Lambsbread Weed

Lambsbread Weed


Allegedly Bob Marley’s strain of choice, Lambsbread is a type of Jamaican High Grade sometimes found in Europe.

Strong Sativa strain like the other Carribean High Grades, sweet taste. Hints of coconut. Not overly strong but a nice mellow high. Some other types of weed are sold as Lambsbread too.. generally of a standard Jamaican variety.


More examples of Cess

Cess Marijuana


Here we have some regular Cess, basically some nice high grade plants squished into bricks.. lovely taste and moderate but happy and relaxing high.


And now a sample of ‘Rastaman Cess’

cess sess jamaican

rastaman cess

It stinks of bananas. It smokes like a dream, slow come on but uplifting and dreamy high.

This weed is almost hash! It’s so oily..

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