Jamaican Weed

Jamaican Weed Jamaican Bush Weed.Jamaican Bush Weed

Jamaican Bush Weed

Can also be from nearby Carribean Islands such as St Lucia, Grenada, Antigua and Trinidad.

If of good quality it is quite often dark in colour, aromatic in smell with a hint of rum. Some seeds and stalks present.

Stupefying effect, sleep inducing. Definitely stronger than the commercial or african varieties available but tolerance develops quickly.


Carribean Middle Grade

This is a poor example of Carribean graded weed, although it looks the part it has quite a few seeds and may have been sprayed for extra strength.

Carribean middle grade







This is slightly better, higher end middle grade. It’s a lot like good bush weed but has a stronger, creeping effect. Perfect with a can of Red-Stripe!

Middle Grade







Here we have a real dark star, not very strong a but a real nice heady buzz. Tastes like a Colombian variety.. very dense and thick with oil.. although it has few buds

Jamaican Marijuana

Jamaican Bush

Jamaican Bush Weed

Jamaican Bush Weed

A lovely example of decent Jamaican bush here. basic grade with lots of seeds and stalks. It has a fine pungent aroma though and nice even high.


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