Thai Weed

Thai Bush Weed

Sometimes called Thai Stick, can also come from Vietnam.

Thai Weed Image

Good Thai Weed is easily recognised by the bamboo sticks often present and the coloured thread the branches were tied to. Few seeds or stalks present, these plants have been well looked after.

Strong sativa plants, they induce a more potent cerebral high than the other types of outdoor commercial varieties available. Normally packed with flavor, burnt banana and cinnamon overtones. This stuff is usually worth paying extra for and is stronger than most of the commercial varieties available on the black market.

In some cases it is also stronger than local skunk commercial varieties.

Good Thai Weed

Thai Weed from Amsterdam







Here is a poor example of Thai Weed, lacking taste and effect and is much more brittle and dry. Visually it looks very similar to the other samples.

Brick weed

Brick weed

Here is a slightly fresher sample, tastier and more effective.. red string Thai weed seems to be quite commonplace in Western Europe since 2010. Green string and Gold string (reffering to the thread that runs through the plants from the commercial growing process) varieties are reputedly stronger.

Cannabis Sativa Thai

Thai Weed from High Times Coffeeshop, Haarlem

Thai Weed HIgh Times

Thai Weed HIgh Times

Gold String Thai Weed

Thai Weed Gold

Gold String Thai




23 thoughts on “Thai Weed

  1. We get a lot of this stuff were I am in UK. It is usually okay but quite expensive. I find the price of skunk has gone through the roof so I buy this when I can..

    Doesnt look quite the same as in your photo tho

  2. Hi seroni and thanks for commenting!

    Yes the Thai weed comes in all shapes and forms but you can always tell by that acrid honey smell and it usually has some coloured string woven inside.. I’ve seen green, red and gold thread in it recently.

    If you want to review your sample I would be glad to post your comments but I need a pic to go with it :-)

  3. I’m thai.I got a private canabis field in The northen of thailand.100% of organic weed.Hahaha welcome to my home. you can contact me from e-mail.

  4. I live in the isle of man, and we don’t get decent weed grass skunk or hash. jealous that pepole can get a good selection of different types expensive or not. woulda love to be able to get hand on charis or good red lebanon or even afgani black would be nice. need to come england

  5. Hello, the thai weed i have been offered recently is alot darker than the stuff in the pics above, has alot of seeds and stalks in it, it is very very dry, it has a very strong weird smell to it and it comes heavily compressed in 25 Oz bricks wrapped in yellow string with no bamboo, have you seen this stuff before? and is it worth £10 a Oz? seems to cheap to me as 1 Oz of nice skunk in my area costs around £200, let me know, thanks.

    • Sounds like African or Colombian weed

      I haven’t seen any in a long time. It is very mild, but at £10 an oz I would say it’s a bargain!
      Even if it’s not smokeable you could make oil or cakes out of it I guess

      • Hello, i have never tried to make oil before and have a few questions, would i get a decent amount of oil from 1 Oz? would making oil out of it make it stronger? would leaving it in vodka/rum actually work? or is heating up nail polish remover the only way to make it? how long would it take to make? why does nobody suggest using 70% absinthe instead of rum/vodka? have you got any tips?

          • ^^^Dam, some article, not nice, makes me think back in fear of some of the reckless hashoil experiments i’v done, yikes. That is why i dont like working with butane, i don’t know if petroleum is safer but the amount of scare stories that involve butane is enough to keep me away from it without serious consideration/preparation.
            My friend blew up a shed in Jamaica trying to make hash oil with butane.

  6. hey just a quick question i smoke thai and usually get a mix of red and gold string thai. recently got some and the string was baby pink anyone heard of it coming with pink string before? it just i thought the different colour of string meant different strengths. is gold not stronger than red?

  7. Easiest way to make hash oil. (easy peasy method)

    I discovered this method in my kitchen, experimenting on making hash oil from small amounts (quarter oz’s and less). I’m sure someone else has come up with this method before me as it is so simple. Great for any amount of herb. I like working with petroleum rather than butane, much easier.

    All you need is
    – Good quality, clean petroleum.
    – Filter/sieve of some sort. (the finer the filter, the purer the finished product)
    -Electric hob/ hot plate (Never use open flames!!)

    Steps —
    -Grind up your herb, pour into jar, fill up with petroleum, until it overflows the herb.
    -Then seal the jar and shake for min or 2, not too long.
    -Then pour the contents through the sieve and collect the liquid.
    -Heat the petroleum/cannabis resin mixture in a pan at a very low temp.
    -This will evaporate the petroleum, leaving just the cannabis resin in the pan.
    Hey presto, you’ve got hash oil!

    The quality will depend on the quality of the original herb and how fine the sieve is.

    Rules – Have plenty of ventilation and NEVER use an open flame, use electric stove or hotplate.

    Enjoy! Ruvann.

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